AHCCCS Covers People with Disabilities Who Work

These rules mean your child can keep AHCCCS even while making a lot of money at work:

  • If your child gets SSI benefits while working, AHCCCS will continue automatically.
  • If your child used to get SSI benefits, but now makes enough money that SSI benefits ended, SSI's 1619(b) rule means AHCCCS will continue automatically even if your child makes up to $37,107 per year.
  • Programa de Libertad para Trabajar de AHCCCS lets your child pay a small monthly premium ($35 or less) to get AHCCCS coverage if your child makes $64,820 per year or less.
  • If your child's income is even higher than that, he or she can get private health coverage through work or on Healthcare.gov. Private insurance companies cannot deny coverage to your child.
The bottom line

Your child can get health coverage after getting a job.

Learn more about Libertad para Trabajar de AHCCCS and SSI 1619(b).